Then & Now Family Pictures

by Claire Minnaar


This lovely photo idea cropped up on the internet a while back and it stole my heart from the moment I laid eyes on it. After posting it on the MomTalk Facebook page, it scooped up an impressive 257 937 likes and 12 055 shares (as of this morning!) – and the numbers are still climbing. Now that’s definitely a record for the Main Mama, that’s for sure!

Upon closer inspection, I soon realised that this photo trend is really quite a popular one and over the years it has resulted in many aaww-worthy “then and now” family picture montages – many of which are now scattered across the cyber sphere for one and all to gush over.  One of the more famous moments, which you might remember from the popular show Modern Family, is that of Phil Dunphy, recreating a baby picture of himself with a bowl of spaghetti on his head. “Priceless” is really the only word that comes to mind.

Here are a few others we came across while scouring the web for all kinds of funny:

then-and-now-8then-and-now-15 then-and-now-14 then-and-now-13 then-and-now-11 then-and-now-10 then-and-now-9 then-and-now-7 then-and-now-6 then-and-now-5 then-and-now-4 then-and-now-3 then-and-now-7  then-and-now-2 then-and-now-12

Now it’s your turn, Mom! WI’d like to challenge you to recreate an old family picture with the kiddies and create your very own then and now montage.

All you need is:

  • THEN: A memorable “kiekie” of you and the kiddos;
  • NOW: The cooperation of the now slightly more grown up kids;
  • A similar setting and attire;
  • And of course, a camera!

Once you’ve snapped your NOW picture, please share both the THEN and NOW on the MomTalk Facebook page so that we can all ooh, aah and have a good ol’ giggle together.

Originals and their credits can be found on the MomTalk Then and Now Photos Pinterest Board!

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