Something different to get your kids to read! { Kids in Books }

by Claire Minnaar


Moms know how difficult it is to get kids excited about reading; sitting passively in front of the TV or playing computer games is just so much easier. And yet young, developing brains need the stimulation that a good storybook can offer.

Many children are put off reading because the content is boring or unsuitable. But both tots and older children will get excited about seeing themselves in print. By personalizing a book, the story is brought to life. Kids in Books have a great range of books that do just that!

While personalized storybooks with a child’s name have been around in South Africa for some time, Kids in Books have taken the concept one step further by including an etched photo of the child throughout the illustrations. The child truly becomes the main character of the story.

The stories, available in English and Afrikaans, have their origin in the countryside of the Overberg. The adventures are a fantastic opportunity to prickle any child’s imagination with tales of fantasy and daring or of the simple wonders of nature.

Books can be further individualized with a choice of three skin tones to match South Africa’s diverse ethnicity. Various options are available, such as a shortened “reader” version with large letter size and books that accommodate the names and photos of two children in one book. Orders are placed directly online at and postage is included in the price.

The story titles currently available are Sleek Zeek and Fudge – an adventure in the underground tunnels with the bunnies; Bee Magic – an exciting and educational tale about the world of bees; Double Trouble – a story that follows the antics of Lum Lum the lamb; and Bashing the Bundu – an adventure that introduces the child to the threatened fynbos kingdom.

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