Snap, Crackle and Pop!

by Claire Minnaar


When it comes to cereal, rice crispies are certainly one of the more classic kiddies’ favourites! Of course, this versatile breakfast delight also provides the ideal foundation for bigger, better and brighter treats – here are a couple of ideas that should strike your fancy:

  • Pour melted marshmallow or chocolate into a bowl of rice crispies and mould it, using hands and cookie cutters. From hearts and flowers to snowmen and cars – any shape the kiddies can imagine!
  • Dip the rice crispy shapes in frosting or icing or add food colouring to the rice crispy mix to make matters even more interesting – from there you can layer the colours or make crazy multi-coloured creations.
  • Add substance and fibre to the treats by combining the rice crispies with a variety of nuts and seeds, and then adding the “binding element”.
  • To avoid sticky hands, place the rice crispy mixture on cones (filled with “secret” treats) or shape it around skewer sticks like lollipops.
  • Make rice crispy sushi rolls using flat liquorice rods as the seaweed, jelly sweets instead of veggies and rice crispies instead of sushi rice. Glamorous tweens will love munching these with chopsticks, just like Mom and Dad.
  • If you’re struggling to get the little ones to eat fruit, become the master of disguise by rolling pieces of banana and apple in peanut butter and then in rice crispies for a crunchy treat.
  • Create a surprise rice crispy cake or cupcake – simply mould it in the desired shape and frost it like you would a normal birthday cake!

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