Prima Toys

by Claire Minnaar


The other day I received the most beautiful book for my boys from Prima Toys. It’s a book called “Aunty Planty and the search for the perfect toy” and it is filled with beautiful illustrations and popup pictures.

These pop-up books were sent to a range of different Mommy Bloggers to help create awareness of Prima Toys’ new website that has been designed and built to make finding the perfect toy or book easy and fun!

Take a look at this stunning book I received.

prima-toys-pop-up-book prima-toys-pop-up-inside prima-toys-pop-up-inside-look prima-toys-pop-up-inside-whale

You, too, could win one of these stunning books from Prima Toys PLUS a Leapfrog Leapster GS. All you have to do is head on over to their competition page and fill in your details.

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candice juggernauth August 27, 2013 - 10:46 am

WOW !!!!! What a great way to teach our kidz !! I would really love these books for my only child !!!! I know she’ll Love them, she’s only 5yrs old but she’s already byhearted the book called “Noddy & his new Taxi Services” !!! These Books Will Really Benefit all Our aspiring Kidz !!!


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