Planning a Playroom

by Claire Minnaar

The trick to keeping a neat house is not avoiding chaos – which let’s face it, is never going to happen with kids in the picture – but rather containing it. The fabulous thing about a playroom is that, when bedtime arrives, you can really just shut the door on the crazy. This means clean bedrooms and no more tears and fighting about clearing up toys before night-night time – can you imagine the peace?

Now, what to put in the playroom:

  • Paint one wall with black board paint so kids have a space to really express themselves without wrecking the paint job.
  • A comfy and funky couch, bean bags or window seat – something unusual, fun and bright.
  • Install a small sink for arts and craft days – after all, the point of the playroom is really to not get finger paint on the bathroom floor.
  • Educational toys and board games. While the playroom is about having fun, there should definitely be some educational element to it as well.
  • Nothing calms kids like gentle music in the background, so be sure to have a CD player or radio on hand.
  • A dress-up chest is a great way to spark the little ones’ imagination.
  • Clearly marked storage boxes and containers to keep some sort of order, even if you only let them clear up once a week. This also teaches kids organisational skills.
  • A drawing or writing table where little ones can scribble and older kids can do their home work.
  • Create a little reading corner with interesting books that’ll get your kids into reading.
  • While you might want to consider installing a TV and DVD player in the room, it’s also not a bad idea to try and keep this space relatively techno-free.
  • To keep things interesting, don’t put out all the toys but rather change them around every week or so.

Once they outgrow the playroom, turn it into a den where the whole family can work and relax together.

Here’s some inspirational photos and ideas for you!

For more ideas on Planning a Playroom or to check out the original photos displayed above and their credits, make sure to check out our Children’s Play Room Pinterest Board!

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jolene September 26, 2012 - 8:48 am

Halo dit is Jolene Bester hier ek wil graag vi jul skryf en se hu baie ek van jul speel kamer idees hou dis regtig mooi,intresant en iets om enige kind se hart bly te maak en heeldag besig te hou. Groete leke dag


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