Non-Parent for a Day

by Claire Minnaar

My husband and I celebrated out 8th wedding anniversary on the 6th November. As a gift to ourselves, we booked a night away (not too far from home) and took the plunge and left the kids with Granny and a baby sitter.

We arrived there at check in time (2pm) and 70% of the time was us lying on the queen size bed and…….yes…….SLEEPING! It was magical. The remaining 70% was us eating, peeing and doing other odd tasks which you don’t need to hear about on my blog 😉

Waking up the following morning at 9:30 was amazing – I haven’t slept like that in 5 years! We went for our breakfast and I got to eat without being uninterrupted and actually have a conversation with Ryan and guess what – I didn’t need to get out of my seat once!

We drove around, went shopping, met up with some family for some interrupted coffee and then returned home to the busy household!

The break was amazing, yes, but MAN oh MAN, did I miss my boys SOOO much! I realised after this night away how much of our time we took for granted before kids, but even if we could change anything – we wouldn’t.

This whole little 24 hour escape from home with Ryan has reminded me about how things were once upon a time and why having kids is so difficult, but yet so precious at the same time. Every parent deserves a break, so if you can find someone you can trust with your kids – TAKE A BREAK! Your kids will miss you (less than you actually think) and what it does for you is amazing (provided you switch off and be present to where you are and who you are with … leave the worries at home).

So, go for it – take that afternoon away or that night away or even better the weekend / whole week away! You will come back feeling different (most likely refreshed and well rested) and they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder! 🙂


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