Raising a healthy child means understanding nutrition

by Claire Minnaar


You may not be surprised to hear that the vast majority of children do not receive balanced and healthy meals from their parents. However, what may come as a surprise to you is that many of these parents believe that they are feeding their children well, simply because they do not know any better.

Nutrition is an important part of the healthy development of your children, and as the topic of adequate nutrition continues to grow concern across the world, it has become increasingly important for moms to understand the real nutritional needs of their children.

A well-nourished child means a happy child, both physically and mentally. Adequate nutrition provides for strong bones, builds muscles and prevents many lifestyle diseases, such as obesity. It also provides for emotional and psychological happiness, as your child will be fueled with energy to complete their daily tasks.

Give your child a healthy start to life by gaining important knowledge in nutrition with the Sport Science Institute of South Africa Foundations of Nutrition short course. The course is presented part-time, and entirely online, by the Sport Science Institute of South Africa and online education company, GetSmarter. The course has been designed for busy moms to complete in their own time.

This 10-week course, starting on 9 September 2013, is not only suited for moms who have a keen interest in nutrition but also for anyone seeking to establish a career in the health and nutrition industry.

For more information visit www.getsmarter.co.za or contact Nazley on 021 447 7565.

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