Happy Halloween!

by Claire Minnaar

Halloween is around the corner and, next to Christmas, it’s probably the biggest DIY celebration of the year. So get the kiddies together and let’s get creative (and a little messy, of course).

  • Get creative with pumpkins, whether it be carving scary faces, spray painting them in eerie colours or spilling their guts on the front porch.
  • Make severed finger snacks using cheese, olives (for the nails) and cranberry sauce (for the blood).
  • Fill plastic gloves with popcorn and hang them around the house for fun and creepy snacking.
  • Paint scary faces on glass jars, place a candle in each and use them to light up the walk way to your front door.
  • Cut bats out of black card and stick them on the walls in and around the house.
  • If you’re planning a Halloween party, slice a pumpkin in half, remove the innards and use it as an ice bucket.
  • Make a Halloween wreath for the front door using black feathers and orange ribbon.
  • Make a scarecrow costume by attaching bits of raffia to the sleeves of an old jacket and popping an old straw hat on the head.
  • Cut life-size figures out of black card and stick them the windows for a shadow puppet effect.
  • Make spider snacks using Oreos and black liquorice strips.
  • Using a big strip and thin strip of puff pastry, make mummies instead of pigs in the blanket.
  • Make graveyard mousse cups: For the gravestone, write R.I.P on a cookies in black royal icing and plant it in a small glass of chocolate mousse.
  • Cut up sausages and poke uncooked spaghetti through each piece. Pop them in boiling water to cook the spaghetti, and voilà! Spaghetti worms crawling out of the snacks.
  • Make mummy bars: Wrap a chocolate bar in bandages, leaving a small gap for the eyes.
  • Make jelly worms: Wrap a rubber band around a handful of straws and place them in a glass. Pour jelly in the straws and place in the fridge. Once set, rinse the straws with warms water to release the worms.

More Halloween ideas and credits for the photos included above can be found on the Halloween Ideas Pinterest Board!

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