Farm Party Theme

by Claire Minnaar

farm themed party

If it isn’t dad imitating the sound of a cow, it’s grandma pretending to flap like a bird – needless to say, farm animal play an integral part in every little one’s beginner years and a farm party is therefore bound to crop up somewhere in the toddler years. The key to this party theme is to constantly consider the young age of the party guests – don’t over think it, rather keep things simple, bold and happy!


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Colour Scheme

Stick to bright primary and rainbow colours and draw inspiration from the farm yard colours – green grass, blue skies, brown wooden fences and yellow wheat fields, to create those bold and joyous contrasts.

Décor & Goodies

Use elements straight off the farm yard like hay bales as seating, cotton wool clouds hanging from the ceiling and mock wooden fencing wall decals to decorate the party room. Then again, if you can have the party under the open skies, all the better! Surprise the kiddos with animal masks and plastic animals that they can take home after the party.

Eats & Treats

A great way to attack this snack table in an original way is to turn the entire party table into a farm yard! For instance, a green table cloth to represent the grass of the farm yard topped with chocolate eggs, animal shaped biscuits, chocolate log fences, peanut cluster boulders, pretzel firewood piles and so forth – just to name a few.

Fun & Games

While the kids need to be kept entertained, it’s also vital to keep the games uncomplicated. Think simple party favourites like pin the tail on the donkey, piggy in the middle, farmyard charades and bunny-hop racing. While a petting zoo is never a bad idea for a crowd this young, organised tractor or pony rides can be just as fun.

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