The 5 Love Languages of Children

by Claire Minnaar

Last year in January, I did a book review on The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. It’s a great book and I really do recommend it to anyone to read if they want to strengthen their relationships and potentially make them stronger.

On further investigation, I found there was another book on The 5 Love Languages of Children. This book is great and I would definitely recommend it to Moms to strengthen their understanding of their children and potentially identify what their child needs or may be possibly “missing”.

For example, I had a friend the other talk to me about their child and how demanding she is and she spoke about a few behavioural issues. I mentioned The 5 Love Languages of Children and recommended she read the book.

She has since read the book, identified her child’s love language and she is already putting of the suggestions into practice and the best part – she’s really seen a difference.

The love languages for children are Touch, Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Acts of Service and Quality Time. All children need the above provided to them, BUT certain love languages have a better response than others.

After reading the book a bit last night, I realised yet again that my son’s love language is TOUCH. He touches people all the time. To get attention, he will bump into you, hit you, wrestle you, etc – quite honestly, some days I get irritated because I haven’t always realised that perhaps this is his way of “experiencing more love”. So, last night, I cuddled LOTS, tickled and did all sorts of “touch” related things with him and it was really lovely.

The ways you identify the love language of your kids is to watch how your kids express themselves towards you and towards others. Quite a nice way to identify what your child enjoys is to give them choices between 2 options and see which one they choose more frequently.

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