Baby Shower Time

by Claire Minnaar

baby shower ideas

Let’s face it – nappies, baby grows and goodie hampers are our go-to gifts when it comes to baby showers, but there’s no reason why you can’t get creative! Here are a couple of ideas to keep it fresh and interesting:

  • Throw the whole gift thing on its head and aim it at the inexperienced yet practical dad-to-be – whether it be a trendy nappy bag or a changing kit with instructions.
  • Instead of a traditional hamper, create a tiered baby shower “cake” display out of towels, diapers and other baby goodies. You can even roll small baby clothes and handtowels into roses or pop it inside a cupcake holder for an extra cute display.
  • Make a compilation disk of baby-friendly music that will soothe the little one to sleep, and get mom a little treat like chocolates or bubble bath which she can enjoy in peace.
  • If it’s going to be a girl, keep a lookout for girlie baby accessories and put together a fashion kit filled with goodies like felt headbands, baby-safe brooches and adorable booties.
  • If you’re going the baby powder and petroleum jelly route, make the packaging interesting – for instance, fill a big jar, cookie tin or pretty handbag with everyday baby goodies.
  • Get creative with a simple DIY project – for instance, make a felt doll, a baby bib, growing chart or pretty baby-room bunting.
  • Put together a winter kit for Baby, complete with cute little hat, booties and snuggly blanket, plus hot chocolate and slippers for Mom.
  • Surprise the mommy-to-be with a scrapbook kit so that she can get start collecting those memories bright and early!

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