If I Can Do It, So Can You

by Claire Minnaar

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Author: Mary Andrews helps lead Etsy’s Merchandising Team and has been an Etsy shop owner since 2005. She’s passionate about helping independent businesses creatively leverage their brands. When she’s not exploring the depths of Etsy for unseen treasures, you’ll find her nerding out over data, taking on a new DIY project or researching plant varieties to try growing with her husband in their urban garden.


My New Year’s resolution is to help budding sellers and busy moms — like you! — open Etsy shops. Running your own shop is easy, fun and connects you with a global community of passionate, like-minded creative people who truly love what they make, collect and buy.

My Etsy journey began seven years ago. I started listing items in my shop, Contrary Jewelry, when I was still in university. I didn’t have a specific goal in mind at that time; I was just hoping to share the different products I was then learning to make. To my surprise and delight, I started getting sales immediately — and from people all over the world. Over the years, my shop has opened many artistic and professional doors for me. It also provides me with a reliable source of income.

If I can do it, so can you. I’ve learned a lot of things since my first sale (those earrings bring back first-sale memories). I hope by sharing my experience you’ll be inspired to open your own Etsy shop.

Here are the top six things I love about selling on Etsy:

You get to be your own best boss

Are you ready to answer to yourself (and not someone else)? So many of the shop owners I’ve met chuckle as they tell me how they love being their own boss, but at the same time, have never had a tougher one! It can be truly liberating to take ownership and responsibility over your own work, create your own part or full-time hours and set your own boundaries. When you go on vacation or just need a break (business owners deserve days off, too) you can set your shop to Vacation Mode…and relax. Your items and buyers will be there when you come back.

You can reach buyers around the world


Credits image: WendyGold

Etsy puts your items in front of a global community of buyers. Instead of relying solely on buyers through local venues, your items will now be seen by people around the world. Etsy’s extensive reach means that there is always someone looking for what you’re selling.

You get to decide when and where you work

Running an Etsy shop allows you the freedom to set your own schedule and work at your own pace — right from your own home or studio. Busy moms keep anything but a regular schedule; Etsy offers a flexible environment where you can run your business based on your own agenda.

You can manage your Etsy shop from your mobile phone

As a mom, you’re constantly on-the-go. Etsy’s mobile apps let you manage your shop right from your phone: photograph and list items, respond to Convos (that’s short for “Conversations,” Etsy’s messaging system) from buyers and celebrate every time you hear the “Cha-ching” sound that alerts you when you’ve made a sale.

You have less risk as a business owner

An online shop gives you a professional storefront without less of the associated risks and expenses of managing a physical shop. You can list the items you have in stock or create made-to-order items for individual buyers.

You’re part of a global community of business owners

When you open a shop on Etsy, you join a supportive community of sellers around the world. Etsy’s Seller Handbook blog provides timely resources and advice. Teams are a great way to share and learn from other business owners around the world.You can connect with others who share similar interests by joining the special Mother’s Finest team.

Do you want to open a shop today?

Credits image: SmartyPantsPaperCo

If you’re ready to open your shop this month, Etsy and Momtrepreneur are offering a promotion to give first time sellers a little boost. Click the link below and get your first 20 shop listings free. And be sure to follow our 4-week program to learn from Etsy experts and grow your business.

Open your Etsy shop today!

Want to meet parents just like you?

Hoping for some feedback from like-minded folks on your business idea? Check out Etsy’s Mother’s Finest team to connect with other parents participating in #ProjectNewYear.

A new year means new possibilities. So what do you say? Will opening up your Etsy shop be your way of starting fresh and expressing your creativity? Let us know more about your inspiration and business goals below; we’re excited to hear from you.

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Vivi February 14, 2014 - 1:48 am

Mary, your article is remarkably helpful and has refueled my enthusiasm as a new Etsy seller. I’m so glad I found your blog via facebook and plan on keeping in touch. Thanks so much!


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