10 Bright Ideas with Glow Sticks

by Claire Minnaar

glow sticks fun ideas

Glow Sticks are cute, fun and rather on the addictive side – especially for those young at heart! Other than twirling-whirly-ing them around in the dark, they can be put good (and extra fun) use around the house.

Light up your life and party with these innovative glow stick ideas!

  1. Neon Signs: Use glow sticks to spell out words on the grass or on the wall of the house – whether it be the name of the party girl/boy or a welcome message.
  2. Orbs: Place glow sticks inside balloons before you blow them up and watch the balloon turn into a mesmerising ball of light.
  3. Glowing Focal Point: Crack glow sticks and pour the contents onto anything from the table to the stairs – whatever you want to light up for the party.
  4. Fairy Jars: Break a glow stick and pour the contents into a jar of water. Shake it around and be mesmerised by the floating light specks.
  5. Disco Bath: Jazz up the midnight swimming by placing the glow sticks in the swimming pool. This is also an excellent idea for the kiddies’ bath time
  6. DIY Bottles: Place glow sticks in mason jars or cooldrink bottles and use these unique lanterns to light up the party. Alternatively, turn the bottle into a firefly by screwing on the cap and decorating the bottle with wings, face, etc.
  7. Chandelier: Connect a whole bunch of glow sticks to a metal ring and suspend the “chandelier” from the ceiling or a tree.
  8. Glowing Games: Use glow sticks for ring toss or hop scotch, or take it a step further by using your plastic bottle “lanterns” (see above) as bowling pins!
  9. Jewellery: Bend and pop the glow sticks into various shapes and sizes, and use them as crowns, necklaces, bracelets and belts.
  10. Ice Bucket: Stick a couple of glow sticks in a see-through ice bucket for a show-stopping focal piece.

Glow Sticks can be found at most toy stores close to you.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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