What a Girl Wants { Beautiful Bedrooms }

by Claire Minnaar


While every mother is tempted to turn her little girl’s room into a pink princess paradise, it’s important to take your sweetheart’s personality into account. Ideally you’d want to settle on soft pastels for a little lady and bright contrasting colours for an energetic tomboy, but here are some more ideas to get you inspired.

  • A girls’ room is the perfect place to get creative with wallpaper, so play around with floral, airy-fairy, animal and princess designs.
  • No matter what the name implies, wallpaper is also ideal for creating an unusual ceiling, such as mystical clouds, rainbows or a starry night sky.
  • Decorate the ceiling with vinyl stickers and hanging ornaments such as chimes, Chinese lanterns and mobiles.
  • Make sure there’s plenty of storage. If her room is quite small, use things like Ottomans that double as storage boxes or attach wheels to an old drawer and slide it under the bed.
  • Attach a magnetic strip close to her mirror – an easy way to ensure that she doesn’t lose her hair grips.
  • Every little girl should have a mosquito net somewhere in her room, whether it be hanging over her bed or to section off her reading corner. Attach little felt flowers, butterflies or stars to the netting to make it extra special.
  • Toss out the old wooden headboard and get creative with the wall space just above her bed: Use wallpaper to create a “headboard”, paint the section a different colour, fill the space with assortment of frames and just go bananas.
  • Turn her bedroom into a life-sized doll house with her very own little living room and “kitchen”.
  • Break the monotony of the plain carpet with pretty little rugs. These days you even get them in all different shapes and sizes like flowers, butterflies, you name it.
  • Most little girls reach a stage where they all want to be teachers, so set up her own “classroom” in one corner of the room. Paint the section of wall with black board paint and decorate the space with educational posters, ABCs and a square rug for her “students” to sit on.

Original photos and their credits can be found on the Bedroom Ideas for Girls Pinterest Board!

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