Teen Hideouts { Décor Ideas }

by Claire Minnaar


Having a teenager in the house can be somewhat of a nightmare and often the best gift you can give them is space (side note: you’ll probably benefit more from this than your teen!) While you might feel slightly sentimental about the horsey mobile hanging from the ceiling, or the train set on the shelf, there comes a time when all of this has to fly and your “baby’s” room needs to be redone from scratch.

The important thing here is to involve your teen in the decorating process. And if you mention some of these ideas during the brainstorming session, you’re sure to end up on his/her right side.

  • Teens love expressing themselves on walls, so instead of banning Prestik altogether, hang a pin board on one wall and paint another with black board paint.
  • Use laser cut wooden or perspex letters of all shapes and colours to spell out random words on the wall or to use as interesting book-ends.
  • If your daughter is into beauty, set up a salon corner with lit mirror and cosmetics shelves. Attach a magnetic strip to the wall for loose hair grips and pins.
  • In the case of musical teens, sound proof the back of the door and shared walls with sponge or egg cartons – once painted they’ll look nothing like egg boxes!
  • Go extreme and take decoration past the walls and up to the ceiling. For instance, suspend a chair from the ceiling just for fun, paint foot prints up the wall or create a night scene using wall paper on the ceiling.
  • Wall decals are a great hit among teens at the moment, so shop around for anything from laser cut trees, chandeliers and guitars, to bird cages, musical notes and animal decals.
  • Play around with out-of-the-ordinary lighting, such as fairy lights or clumps of naked light bulbs, or transform old crates, cans and interesting containers into standing lamps.
  • Add a little retro fun to the room with an old fashioned jukebox, pastel or hamburger telephone and a lumo couch.

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