Reward Charts { Happy Clappy Kiddies }

by Claire Minnaar


Who doesn’t like being rewarded for good deeds and exceptional behaviour? Rewards charts can be utilised in a number of different ways – from implementing toilet training and enforcing behavioural conditioning, to motivating your young ones to do their chores. Here are a couple of factors to bear in mind when putting together a reward chart for your child:

  • Talk to your child about what he or she would deem as big enough reward for upholding good behaviour – after all, what’s the point of a reward system if the reward isn’t rewarding enough, make sense?
  • The age of the child will determine the complexity of the reward. For instance, a toddler might only need a lollipop to celebrate their good deed whereas an older child might require a bigger benefit like pocket money or use of the car.
  • Rewards don’t always have to be monetary – something as simple as a day at the playground, extra TV time or an extended curfew can be rewarding enough.
  • Don’t merely add and remove reward stickers whenever you feel the need to – make sure your child understands why he’s getting or losing a sticker.
  • If you’re afraid of isolating one of your children, consider a combined reward system where the entire kiddie clan’s behaviour affects the outcome of the reward – that way, no one gets left out!
  • Don’t try to move mountains – rather tackle one habit at a time, whether it be the bedroom tidiness, swearing, punctuality, cleanliness or whichever type of behaviour it is that you want to change.
  • Ideas for creative reward systems include, adding marbles to labelled jars, sticking stars on each child’s hand print or simply making a “tick” next to their name.

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