Transformer Party Theme

by Claire Minnaar


Once your tween has seen the movie, there will be no convincing him of any other party theme! Transformers are an obsession among most tween and teen boys (or even younger!) so it stands to reason that they ought to be invited to the party:


5 to 13

Colour Scheme

Mainly primary colours plus dashes of metallic, black and grey.

Eats and Treats

A transformer birthday cake is obviously a must, and that can be complemented with munchies in the desired theme colours – e.g. fill jars and bags with coloured popcorn, jelly beans and transformer shaped cake pops. Label juice bottles with “fuel” tags and supply the robots with “wiring” in the form of liquorice rods.

Fun and Games

Keep their hands and minds busy by letting each boy build his own transformer – whether it be using cardboard boxes, tin cans and craft goodies, or edible treats like cake, frosting and jelly beans. Alternatively instruct the young party guests to dress up as their favourite transformer and set up an obstacle course where the robots have to battle it out to be The One. Be sure to set up a transformer photo booth where the boys can pose mid-battle.

Décor & Goodies

Naturally robot cut-outs and figurines will be everywhere to see, not to mention the various transformers’ logos – ask your son to give you some advice in this respect. Make it even more intricate and interesting by incorporating old computer or radio parts into the décor of the day. Use cardboard or vinyl stickers to create a city skyline as backdrop on the wall, and decorate the room with foil (“metal”) and paper gears. Transformer masks, plastic or foam weapons are also a treat!

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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