More than Just Jelly

by Claire Minnaar

fun jelly ideas

Summer’s literally tapping on the window, and it won’t be long before the kids are tapping on the table for an icy cool sugary treat. So without further delay, here are a couple of creative ways to turn ordinary jelly into adventurous (and not all that unhealthy) treats:

  • Rainbow Jellies: Pour a layer of colour A into the container.  Allow to set before following up with a layer of colour B. Repeat until the jar is filled to the brim!
  • Diagonal Rainbows: To make the rainbow jellies more interesting, place the cups at an angle in the fridge to create fun diagonal rainbows.
  • Jelly Surprise: For an extra dash of amusement, “hide” surprises inside the jelly like plastic animals, jelly worms or other types of candy.
  • Fish-in-a-Bag: Pour blue jelly into mini plastic bags, pop a candy fish inside and close the bag with a piece of string before placing it in the fridge.
  • Jelly Orange Slices: Hollow out half an orange, pour jelly into the “bowl” and leave it in the fridge to set. Once ready, slice into wedges and serve. Alternatively use half a cantaloupe.
  • Jelly Earth Worms: Tie a handful of normal drinking straws together with a rubber band and place the bundle upright in a glass. Pour the jelly into the straws. Once set, rinse gently with warm water to set the “worms” free.
  • Jelly Eggs: Make a small hole in the side of a chicken egg and drain the contents. Pour the jelly into the whole shell and allow to set.
  • Swimming Jelly Bears: Pour blue jelly into glasses. Once set, decorate with jelly teddies paddling on their backs or drifting around on their wine gum/wafer rafts.

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