HydraPOP { Ice Lollies with Electrolytes }

by Claire Minnaar


Monday started as “normal” as a Monday can be – the usual struggle to get everybody out of bed, finding the mole on my kitchen counter that Kitty has caught to show off as a trophy soaked in a puddle of milk, which of course meant some nameless body left the milk on the counter last night and, not only did Kitty spill more than half of it, what was left over had gone off. Hubby rushed to the corner café to buy some milk, while I struggled to convice Brian, my three-year-old, that it is not summer anymore and he must wear takkies and a jersey. Predictably, we were late leaving the house and got stuck in traffic, which didn’t improve anybody’s mood. So when the creche phoned around 11 o’clock to tell me Brian was running a fever, I thought the day couldn’t get worse. Little did I know… Fever had only been the tip of the iceberg – vomiting and diarrhoea followed shortly and by 7:30 that night, I was frantic. Trying to break Brian’s fever and getting him to take something in – anything – to replace all the fluids he had lost seemed like an impossibility. If only I had known of HydraPop then.

HydraPOP is specially formulated to help replenish vital minerals and nutrients, including potassium, sodium, and chloride. When your child has diarrhoea, with or without vomiting, the stomach and intestines become inflamed and don’t act the way they should to absorb fluids like normal and large amounts of fluid are lost from the body. This fluid loss can be excessive and can lead to a more serious condition called dehydration. Dehydration causes our bodies to become imbalanced, as water is moving out more quickly than we can replace it through drinking. And when the body loses too much water, it can no longer function efficiently.

HydraPOP is sold as a liquid, but is best taken in it’s frozen form. As most parents know, getting any fluids into your sick child is very difficult. Sucking on ice cubes is generally accepted to be most effective, as kids can keep it down and the coldness of the ice helps to cool the body. For this reason we have designed HydraPOP as an ice lolly, but packed it full of the essential minerals and electrolytes to help make your child feel better.

The unique ‘Freeze & Snap’ design allows you to break and then twist the Ice Lollies in half and give your child one piece at a time. This way they won’t have the fluids running down their arms while they eat it. Leave it for a few minutes and see how our unique formulation gives you the slushy soft ice taste that kids love! Encourage your child to take small bites at a time as it is more likely to go down and stay down. Unlike other rehydration products on the market, HydraPop does not need to be mixed up with boiled water before serving.

It’s handy to keep some HydraPop Ice Lollies in your freezer,  allowing for instant use when calamity strikes and as a preventative measure when all that running around and playing results in excessive sweating.

Household beverages like sports drinks, juice, and soda don’t contain sufficient electrolytes to maintain good hydration. In general, these drinks are too high in sugar and too low in sodium. In fact, these sugary drinks can actually make misbehaving bellies even worse, increasing the risk of dehydration by drawing more water into the intestine to dilute the sugar. Keep food intake light if your child is vomiting, but make sure he or she remains well hydrated by using HydraPOP Ice Lollies.

HydraPop’s fomula is based on the WHO’s recommendation for ORS for children. The Ice Lolly helps easy absorption of water and the correct combination of electrolytes.

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