High Tea Hotspots

by Claire Minnaar


High tea is one of life’s finest pleasures and a treat that every mother owes herself at least every once in a while. Not only is it the ideal opportunity to dress up and act like royalty, high tea is the perfect opportunity to catch up with old friends and have a little time-out time with the girls. As fancy and formal as high tea sounds, you really don’t have to trek across to Buckingham Palace for the real thing – here are some ideas for alternative high tea backdrops:

high tea south africa

  • At the local hotel: These days most hotels have high teas on high days and holidays, and they’re usually just so worth it. Prepare to be spoiled rotten with decadent and dainty delights and some of the most indulgent treats known to (wo)man.
  • In the garden: There’s nothing quite as special as sharing gossip and petit fours with a group of close friends under maple trees and clear blue skies. Garden settings are reminiscent of fancy British garden parties and is really the perfect option if you can’t find a babysitter to tend to the tweenies and toddlers for the day.
  • On the patio: The patio holds the same whimsy and convenience factor of a garden, with the added benefit of shelter against the elements. More so, it’s close to home which makes for easy planning and coordination. And besides, few things can compare to morning tea on the patio, darling.
  • In the botanical garden: What better setting for a hoity toity affair than a perfectly manicured flower garden? A botanical garden sets the scene for a magical high tea picnic and late summer afternoons filled with giggles and laughter. While it might require a bit more logistical planning in terms of décor and treats, it’s easily overcome when everyone in the group takes charge of a certain element.
  • On the beach: Wind and sand aside, the beach is ideal for throwing a laid-back less than formal high tea. What’s more, once the cupcakes and lamingtons have been devoured, there’s no better way to burn off the excess calories than by swimming and frolicking in the waves – bikini body or not!
  • In the living room: What says “high tea” better than a plush and smartly decorated living room? This is the perfect spot for munching a cucumber sandwich, enjoying a cup of tea and putting your pinky up without feeling silly about it. Use the opportunity to go all out and wear your finest hats and pearls.
  • In the kitchen: Strange as it sounds at first, you’ll find that the kitchen is actually one of the cosiest and most charming high tea spots around. In olden days the kitchen was where housewives gathered for a warm cuppa and a gossip. So, if you’re planning on going all out vintage, host your high tea between the wooden shelves, pots, pans and spatulas just like your gran used to do.

Some places to visit for High Tea in South Africa:

Western Cape


Kwazulu Natal

Eastern Cape

Garden Route

  • Fancourt


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