Hello Kitty Party Theme

by Claire Minnaar

hello kitty party theme

Hello Kitty is a phase that most little girls go through at some stage during childhood, so a Hello Kitty themed party will definitely sit well with your princess and her pink-lovin’ friends. Here’s some inspiration to get your head in the kitten space:


7 to 12

Colour Scheme

White and shades of pink and purple.

Eats and Treats

These days you’ll find plenty of Hello Kitty branded baked goodies and treats on the market which eases the pressure of finding the perfect table fillers. These can be complemented with pink and white treats like jars of jelly beans, marshmallows, candy floss, milkshakes, cupcakes and all things girly. Kitten-, paw-print- and flower-shaped biscuits are also a budget friendly way of pushing the theme.

Fun & Games

Because you’re dealing with girly girls, it’s essential to keep the party mood light, cute and upbeat. A dance-off is never a bad idea, nor is a Hello Kitty tea party and face painting or hair spray station. Little girls especially love decorating, so another alternative would be to have them prettify their own Hello Kitty cupcakes, masks or party balloons.

Décor & Goodies

Hello Kitty branded gear is obviously a must – from party packs and party hats to plastic accessories and mini backpacks. The internet is also overflowing with free downloadable prints and designs which you can use to decorate the stationery and party room. The kitten theme can be further complemented with kitten soft toys and posters, as well as plush pink bean bags and scatter cushions for the girls to sit on. Decorate the ceiling and walls with pink party streamers, bunting, Chinese lanterns and fairy lights, and cover the party table in pink glitter confetti to push the girly factor.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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