At Home in your Office

by Claire Minnaar

Being a working mother can sometimes make it a near impossible task to keep home and work life separate, and before you know it baby Jack’s drawing art work all over your monthly reports and you’re writing to-do lists with a wax crayon.

Creating a space that’s reserved for work-work is a great way of organising your life and drawing a boundary between home and office. The question remains however: How do you stop yourself from moving your laptop to the kitchen table or ending up on the couch? The answer is simple: Make that office space so inviting, you won’t want to work anywhere else.

  • If possible, set it up in a room that’s separate from the kitchen and living room, but close enough so you can keep an eye on the household.
  • Use pretty storage boxes to both brighten up the space and organise your paper work.
  • Paint the wall with black board paint or mount a pinboard on it to keep up to date with all your to-do’s.
  • Choose light pastel colours and whites to create an airy and easy-thinking space.
  • Hang inspirational posters, family photos or pretty framed pictures on the wall by your desk.
  • Choose a funky comfy chair that you just want to sit in all day long.
  • Brighten up the space with a pretty rug, throw or curtains.
  • Choose interesting lamps to lighten and brighten up the room, and ensure that there’s a window close by to let in ample natural light.
  • Whoever said book cases are just for books? Along with books, fill the shelves with an assortment of interesting and thought-provoking items to inspire and stimulate your creativity.
  • Select an interesting desk, whether it be colourful, see-through or something you’ve constructed yourself e.g. using an old door and wooden stands.
  • Pick up a couple wooden or perspex laser cut letters from the stationery shop to spell out your thoughts.
  • Use cane baskets to organise your paperwork, glass jars for your stationery and a dish drying rack for files and books.
  • Collect a couple of brain teasers to keep on your desk for when your brain gets a little mouldy and fuzzy.

In a nutshell, make sure majority of elements that make up your workspace are both A. Practical and B. Pretty to keep it from just looking cluttered.

For more ideas on Home Office Ideas or to check out the original photos displayed above and their credits, make sure to check out our Home Office Ideas Pinterest Board!

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