5 of the most attractive part-time careers for working moms

by Claire Minnaar

part time careers for working moms

Balancing your personal and career goals will always be a challenge. Finding flexible opportunities that help you better manage your time is key to finding work-life balance and earning the career and life success you want and deserve.  Here are our top five suggestions for part-time careers that will give you the flexibility you need to be the perfect working mom.

working mom careers

1. Interior Decorator

If you have a knack for decorating beautiful living spaces, consider starting a part-time career in home or office decorating. Get started by taking an Interior Design short course (such as this one approved by leading homeware store @home) and by doing budget-friendly makeovers of your home or the home of a friend to build up a portfolio.

2. Feature Writer

Whether for online or print, feature writing can be an attractive career if you nurture your ability to write for these platforms. Magazines are always on the lookout for new contributors with original stories and ideas. Learn how to craft the perfect feature with the UCT Feature Writing short course and soon your favourite glossies might be knocking on your door for your pieces.

3. Web Copywriter

Whether you want to start a career in blogging, or outsource your services to brands needing website copy or clever social media posts, a career in online copywriting can be a very lucrative work-from-home career. Yet being a successful web copywriter means having the right skills. Consider the UCT Copywriting for Online Marketing short course before embarking on this career.

4. Photographer

The key to becoming a photographer is practice. Take an online digital photography short course to learn how to use a DSLR camera properly and practice on your family and friends. Build up a portfolio and get a blog or website going to advertise your photographic services.

5. Bookkeeper

There are many small businesses out there in desperate need of someone to handle their books, and often it’s possible to do this position half-day. If you’re great with numbers consider taking the UCT Bookkeeping short course and starting a career in part-time bookkeeping.

If none of the above options appeal to you, you can always look into starting your own business. Register for the UCT Start and Manage a Small Business short course and develop your own part-time career.

There are many family friendly career opportunities out there; ensure you are equipped with the right skills to be the perfect working mom. Visit www.getsmarter.co.za to view over 35 continuing education short courses to grow your skill set.

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