FAIRLADY – May 2013 Edition

by Claire Minnaar


With Mother’s Day around the corner, The FairLady Magazine put an article together called “The Best Parenting Advice I Ever Got – Words of wisdom from eight women who have been there“!

I had no idea who would be featured in this article, so when I saw the article, I felt totally privileged to be featured along such amazing women in our community. The eight women included the following:

  1. Sam Wilson – content strategist and renegade parent
  2. Jane-Ann Hobbs – author, editor and food writer
  3. Marianne Thamm – comedy writer, author, editor, journalist, columnist
  4. Rose Cohen – freelance magazine editor
  5. Tabitha Hoy – corporate entertainment agent
  6. Benita Levin – radio news editor, news anchor and life coach
  7. AnĆ©l van der Merwe – FAIRLADY picture editor
  8. Yours truly šŸ™‚

What else can you expect in the FAIRLADY ā€“ May 2013 Edition?

Here are my Top 10 faves from this monthā€™s edition:

  1. The BEST parenting advice ever – this is a great feature for Moms out there!
  2. Why Private is NOT your only option – The quality of education on offer goes beyond the government/independent divide
  3. Too busy to exercise? Do Less, burn more!
  4. Mother’s Day Lunch Day Menu
  5. How four entrepreneurs turned their love for nature and a burning desire to help the planet into innovative, eco-friendly businesses
  6. 10 Scary things stress s doing to YOUR body!
  7. Seasonal Citrus – Four great ideas, savoury and sweet, to make the most of citrus this month!
  8. Generation autism
  9. Test House Buys – tests and reviews on Smartphones, kitchen mixers and electric citrus juices
  10. How to make Farm-style cottage cheese

A beeeeg thank you to the FAIRLADY team for including me in this feature!!

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