Xeno: The Adorable Interactive Monster

by Claire Minnaar


Over the last 2 weeks, if you entered my home, farting, burping and the odd crying sound would have possibly been the first sound you would have encountered. But, before you judge me or think my children carry a lot of gas, let me introduce you to Xeno from Prima Toys.

About Xeno

At first site, most people (adults) respond with “Oh my word, that’s gross”. But, when my 2 boys saw it, it was love at first site…or perhaps more at first fart!

But, this little monster actually works his way into your heart. He craves attention and when he doesn’t get it, he cries very softly and you can’t help but give him a rub.

When Xeno arrived, I noticed on the box that it stated 5 years and up. Well, my 2.5 year old Jake was instantly in love and Xeno got pushed in the pram, given a dummy, cared for, played with, danced with and even slept with, so while the age displayed on the box are is 5 up, there’s definitely no harm at all with giving it to a 2 year old and up.

He dances, smiles, laughs, farts, burps, cries and speaks “monster” language. And, above all, he has become a real little friend to Jake (2.5) and Ethan (5).

Ethan had show-and-tell at school the other day and Xeno accompanied him for his talk. He was most definitely the hit of the day and by the end of it, I had children (both girls and boys) coming to me asking me “WHERE CAN I GET ONE!?”.

He literally is like a REAL, LIVE monster that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Xeno Video

Additional Information (from Press Release)

With over forty endearing expressions, his puppy dog eyes and drippy nose will make you want to comfort him, whilst eight super responsive sensors will ensure he reacts and moves to the touch just like a real life creature. The features are all encased in a unique material that feels like skin with bumps and lumps that any self-respecting monster should have.

Communicating with this funny friend is also simple as he comes equipped with both a microphone and speaker and has three different modes in which to train him. Xenó can also interact with others of his species. Just link them electronically and they will soon be playing happily together. Xenó also has his own app where owners can experience their own Xeno community.

With Xenó, every day brings new interactive variety of fun games to play.

Where to Buy

Xenó is set to surpass other techno-toys as a favourite friend for boys and girls aged 4-8. He is available in all leading retail outlets, selling at the suggested retail price of R1199.00.

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