Unilever brightFuture Project

by Claire Minnaar


We live in a time where there’s a lot of uncertainty. We read and hear about horrible things taking place in our country and in our world daily. It our responsibility as parents to work towards creating a better world for our children…after all, they are the future and they deserve a great one, wouldn’t you agree?

Unilever has put together a new campaign called brightFuture. brightFuture is about giving our children (and their children) the world they want and need and if we are to achieve this, we need to start acting now!


The brightFuture campaign has put together an inspiring 60 second video called “The Way Kids See It South Africa” on YouTube where you find out about kids from around the world who are making differences in their communities. The video is not only inspiring, it’s REAL and is an eye opener to us and our children. Educating our fellow-Moms, Dads and our children on what CAN be done and what IS possible will help us get one step closer to ensuring the world our children live on in, is a better one.

My children and your children have dreams – this particular project is about working towards allowing them to keep having those dreams and being able to achieve them.

I, personally, think this is a FANTASTIC campaign to be supported and hope you will join me in creating awareness of this campaign with the long term vision being the creation of a bright future for all.

To find out more and take part in this campaign, visit the links below:


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