Happy Anniversary!

by Claire Minnaar

happy anniversary ideas

Anniversaries only come around once a year and deserve to be celebrated in style – no holding back! Often the longer into a marriage one goes and the more kiddies make their arrival, the less celebrated an anniversary becomes – but really when you think about it, anniversaries should become more significant as time goes by! So this year, make a point of going all out and knocking your spouse’s socks and shirt right off.

  • Surprise hubby with a special breakfast of heart-shaped toast, heart-shaped eggs and a heart-shaped fruit salad.
  • You’ve still got it, so go for a boudoir shoot with a professional photographer and surprise hubby with a custom made kinky calendar.
  • Book yourselves in for a couples massage followed by a romantic picnic dinner on the beach or in the garden.
  • If your hubby’s into card games, write a special little message on each card in a deck of 52.
  • Take hold of the opportunity to be a little cheesy and adorable by surprising him with a handful of helium balloons or your very own “singing greeting card”.
  • Odds are, he might have flowers delivered to you sometime during the day, so return the favour by ordering a box of cigars, chocolates or a DVD online and having it dropped off at his office.
  • Prepare a super special dinner – for instance, the dish you had on your first date or recreate your wedding menu.
  • The best gift you can give your spouse is quality one-on-one time, so hire a babysitter and book yourselves into a hotel for the night.
  • Send him texts throughout the day, reminding him why you love him. If you really want to be super romantic, send him one for every year you’ve been married, telling him what made that year extra special to you.

For the original photos above and their credits, plus some more inspiration, make sure to check out our Anniversary Ideas Pinterest Board!

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