SwimSeal: Prevent water related ear infections or problems

by Claire Minnaar


With summer around the corner, more and more of us will find ourselves and our kids in cold water i.e. the pool, the sea or perhaps a river close to home. And, where there are kids and water, there’s the opportunity for ear infections to happen! Thanks to a simple solution provided by SwimSeal, us parents have a solution to help prevent water related ear infections or problems.

About SwimSeal

SwimSeal Protective Ear Drops were developed by leading ENT surgeons who recognised the need for a way to prevent water related ear problems.

Anyone who spends time in the water, whether it’s water sports, swimming or just taking a shower, is at risk of contracting common ear infections, such as swimmers ear. Using SwimSeal ear drops as a preventative measure allows everyone to spend more time in the water by protecting their ears.

SwimSeal ear drops are a unique product developed to act like invisible earplugs. They are the only ear drops that help prevent painful ears as a result of water exposure. With the increasing number of patients presenting with water related ear problems and the rising costs of treatment the need to prevent these conditions is of key importance.

Unlike most products on the market, SwimSeal ear drops are applied before going into the water and contain no alcohol. They take on similar properties to natural ear wax creating a barrier against water in the external ear canal.

Contact Information

If you would like to find out more about SwimSeal or have any questions relating to their product, find below their contact information.

Giveaway Time!!

SwimSeal is giving away 1 bottle of SwimSeal (value: R75) to 12 lucky Moms. All you have to do is follow the easy instructions below and get your entries in! Prevent water related ear infections this summer with just a few clicks in the box below! GO! And, GOOD LUCK!

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