The Mommy Community

by Claire Minnaar

I started Momtrepreneur in January 2011. I had great aspirations on what I wanted to achieve and the role I wanted to fulfill (if any) in the community of Moms.

Having become a part of the Mommy community has been an amazing experience. I have to say the Mommy industry is a phenomenal industry to be a part of from various aspects whether it’s a business aspect or a personal Mom-to-Mom aspect.

This is my personal take on the Mommy Community and what to expect or how to handle this particular community (Feel free to add your comments at the bottom of the site)

  • Moms who partake on forums and Facebook pages are honest and open when it comes to sharing their opinions, feelings, etc.
  • There’s a definite sense of loyalty from Moms – they will support you and go to war for you.
  • If you want the truth about something, you can most DEFINITELY get facts from Moms.
  • Don’t mess with the Mammas – Moms talk, share, blog and more. This is NOT a community any business should mess with. If you want to deliver a product or service that relates to Moms, make very sure your product is good, suitable and works well!
  • Moms give back – whether it is support, advice and even money in certain situations where someone needs help – Moms seem to have the natural ability to help.
  • Moms don’t beat around the bush – most have time limitations and pretty much get to the point quickly and can be quite frank.
  • When dealing with Moms, you can expect to meet every type of Mom – happy, sad, depressed, motivated, de-motivated, working, bitchy, rich, poor, sick, healthy, white, black, colored, etc – they are around us and it’s AWESOME!
  • Moms together create AMAZING dynamics ESPECIALLY in a forum of some sort!

The Mommy Community is amazing and I love the fact that I have been able to become a small speck in this big community. I am amazed at the support that I have received from Momtrepreneur and I thank every Mom that reads this blog post and / or other blog post I’ve done, follows my Facebook page / Twitter account and has acknowledged my existence and show me some support – you know who you all are!

There are SOOOO many Mommy Facebook pages and sites to follow. Here are a few that I follow that I think are great! There are loads more, but here are a few that I have had the opportunity of working with or collaborating with:

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