The Importance of Community by Etsy Seller Margeaux

by Claire Minnaar


Author: My name is Margeaux and I run two different shops on Etsy so I keep quite busy. I love collecting vintage or discarded materials which I use to make soft animal sculptures (including foxes, moths and sea creatures) which I sell under the name Willowynn on Etsy, as well as upcycled bags and purses for my other Etsy shop, Red tree designs. 

I live with my young family in our 100-year-old house in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland in Northern New South Wales, Australia, surrounded by macadamia farms and cow paddocks. When I’m not at home sewing animals and bags, I spend my time rummaging through charity shops and the remnant pile at my local upholsterer’s, looking for beautiful, unwanted fabrics for my work.

Why community is so important

Talking to mothers running their own business, we so often hear that having a community to turn to is invaluable to their success and wellbeing. Working from home, alone, can feel isolating at times. Joining a community on social media and social platforms like Etsy can be a great way to connect to like minded people, fellow mums and business-owners, and provides a safe place to share your experiences, build friendships, and show the world that you sell a beautiful product.

Would you recommend other mums and Etsy sellers join an Etsy team?

Absolutely. Being a part of active and supportive Etsy teams has helped me in so many ways, within my business and personally.

Mums and Etsy

What do you think are the main benefits of getting involved in an Etsy Team?

The main benefit for me is being part of a community where we are all going through similar experiences. We’re able to answer each others questions and give each other advice and support. Just to know there are others out there doing what I’m doing is really helpful.


How has the Etsy community contributed to the success of your shop?

The Etsy community (which includes other Etsy sellers and Etsy Admin) have provided countless pieces of helpful advice from improving my Etsy shop to bettering my business and creative practices — in the form of online tutorials, articles, advice, tips, links and conversations.

Being a part of the Etsy community can also lead to an increase in exposure for your shop and products through Etsy treasuries, being “Favorited” and through social media and blogs.

Can you tell us about any personal connections you have made via Etsy Teams?

I have developed some close friendships with other Etsy sellers that live in my area, that I met by being a part of an Etsy team. I’ve also had some lovely conversations with other Etsy sellers and some Etsy Admin via team forums.


Have you had the opportunity to help another Etsy seller grow their business?

I’d like to think that I’ve helped other Etsy sellers just by being supportive and providing (hopefully) helpful advice through Etsy forums, etc. I’ve had some lovely people contact me directly through my Etsy shop asking for advice on various issues which is really nice. When I find an article with helpful advice on running a creative business, I try to post it on my Facebook page (

I have a few friends who have recently opened their own Etsy shops who I’ve been able to help by sharing my own experiences and just being supportive. I think a big part of having a successful Etsy shop is learning as much as possible from others who have some experience, but it’s also about trying things out for yourself. Nothing beats trial and error (and then trial again).

Ready to connect with your peers?

Perhaps you want to get some feedback from like-minded folks on your pitch. That is possible! On Etsy we have created a special team for parents participating in #ProjectNewYear. Go to team Mother’s Finest and meet moms and dads with entrepreneurial ideas just like you. If you’re ready to open your shop right now, Etsy and Momtrepreneur are offering a promotion to give first time sellers a helping hand. Click on the link below to receive your first 20 shop listings free. You can open a shop on — the online marketplace for handmade and vintage products — and sell what you make or collect to millions of people around the world.

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