A Thanks to King Price

by Claire Minnaar


The Festive Season is finally here. We’ve all been working hard throughout the year, a few days with the family is what most parents are waiting for!

I can’t wait, in fact, for this upcoming break! I haven’t had a break this entire year, so looking forward to spending quality time with my boys and doing some fun things and not deal with the rushing around that comes with school and work days! I will hopefully catch up on some much needed time with my friends and take my boys on a few outings….all still being planned….

Seems I’m not the only one that puts family first. King Price have thrived on doing everything as a team since the very beginning. They don’t only offer award winning royal service to their customers, but to their family too. Seems they are more than a company offering super cheap premiums that DECREASE monthly. I found this out when I visited the team last month.

This is their family…



Knowing everybody’s role in a family makes everything work fluidly. This is not about the expensive destinations or the biggest gifts, it is more on how as a family can work together to make the time they spend on this earth better. After all, we’re just a crazy bunch of people who deeply care for each other.

Thanks again to King Price for supporting MY family. If you want to support them in return and save money at the same time, go here for a quick quote!


This post was brought to you by King Price

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