LATTE LOVE: For the love of Coffee

by Claire Minnaar

I LOVE COFFEE!! I am what would probably be classified as a coffee addict – coffee falls into my daily ritual and I don’t fancy giving it up any time soon. I met Cerrigan a few weeks ago and when I heard about her coffee, I was instantly intrigued and couldn’t resist finding out more about her business, Latte Love, and all the different coffee options available! The packaging, too, is just gorgeous!

About Latte Love

Latte Love opened its doors in June 2011, by Cerrigan, a mom of two. After having worked in the coffee industry since 2003 and over the years gaining invaluable knowledge from attending shows & expo’s countrywide, it was time to go out on her own, balancing a new business and family.

Through Cerrigan’s passion, knowledge & quality of coffee, Latte Love has managed to build wonderful customer relations.

The finest beans are sourced from around the world, enabling Latte Love to provide their customers with an extensive range of the finest coffees. Cerrigan works closely with her roaster to achieve & maintain the best quality coffee.

Customers are kept up to speed with trends, interesting facts and articles in their monthly newsletter, “A Whole Latte Love”. As well as posting specials and interesting tit-bits on Twitter and Facebook.

Visit for all your coffee requirements. PLUS, don’t forget to check out the awesome coffee recipes available on their website – you won’t be sorry!

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