Brand Modelling

by Claire Minnaar

I’m currently doing a course with a lady that I think is fantastic – Marie Forleo! She’s funky and fun and different, so I decided I would try out her course called B-School. It started last week and I love it!

One of my tasks this week was to look at brands that I really love or look up to and I found the whole exercise really interesting, so I thought I would share some of it with you as it gave me some insight into my own business and quite possibly it will help you with YOURS. The course is VERY involved, so I unfortunately can’t share it all in one blog, so I’ve summarised the steps on how I looked at the exercise after I’d done some of the other course work. So here goes…

  • Choose up to 3 brands you admire, love or look up to. These would be companies or people that ideally have a good reputation, good track record, good energy / vibe, etc. Write them down! For example: Richard Branson
  • Now sit down and really think about each brand carefully. What are the emotions or thoughts or feelings that come to mind when you think about these brands? Write them down! For example: Talented, Knowledgeable, Energetic, Fun, etc
  • Look at those brands websites, Facebook pages, etc and write down stuff that stands out for you or is very appealing to you on their website e.g. what catches your attention, what stands out, what is visually appealing, etc? Write it down! For example: colours on the website, humour or style of writing, etc.
  • What of the emotions you wrote down can you bring into YOUR business that could make a difference?
  • What types of elements that you found interesting, attractive and appealing on their website can you implement on your website and in your marketing?

There’s no wrong or right answer with this, so don’t feel scared to go with what feels right. For me, I got that I need to add more fun and energy to my businesses that will make it more exciting and hopefully even better received. For me, being more energetic and having more fun makes me feel even more excited about business and life….I mean, who REALLY wants to do work they don’t enjoy!

Let me know what you think of this exercise and how you tweaked or adjusted it to work for your business / product (if applicable).

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1 comment

Sally June 12, 2012 - 8:51 am

Great thinking …. space Thanks for Sharing. mmm… Brands I like ! SO many but for me it is definitely, ethos, brand design as in colourful and clever! and if the product is worth the money, does it add value to the world we live in ! xx


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