Website Browsers

by Claire Minnaar

There are a lot of browsers available these days. People who do not work with computers regularly may not know what a browser is, which is why this has been included in this post.
I have covered the top 4 browsers available.

What is a Web Browser?

A browser or website browser is a software application that is designed to find and display website pages that are being accessed.

Internet Explorer

If you run on a Windows operating system, Internet Explorer is automatically installed, therefore making it one of the most popular browsers around.


Firefox has become incredibly popular over the last few years. Firefox is free and was developed by Mozilla, a community of people from all over the world working together to produce internet applications. You can download and install Firefox by visiting

Google Chrome

As the name states, this is another browser that has been built by Google itself. Google Chrome is also a free browser for anyone to use. One thing worth mentioning about Google Chrome is that it can be a lot faster than other browsers. I prefer to work with Firefox myself, but I know many people running on Google Chrome now as its search capabilities are excellent and speed is great. You can download and install Google Chrome by visiting this link:

Apple Safari

Safari was one of the default browsers installed on Mac computers. It is also the browser that can be used on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You can download and install Apple Safari by visiting this link:


You may have heard of this browser is if you use a PDA or often do online browsing on your mobile phone. I’m not really an Opera user, but I know many people who love this browser. It can be installed on Windows, Mac, mobile phones, PDAs, game consoles, and other devices like the Nintendo Wii, DS, Sony Mylo, and more. You can find out more by visiting this link:

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