Spiderman Birthday Theme

by Claire Minnaar

spider man party theme

If it’s not an obsession with spiders, it’s an admiration of the man himself! There are few boys who won’t be thrilled by the idea of a Spiderman birthday party, so let’s look at a couple of creepy crawly ideas:

Age group

Boys, 6 to 12

Colour Scheme

Blue, red and black

Food & Drink

Any snacks in the aforementioned colours, as well as plenty of jelly spiders, sticky sweets, white candyfloss (that resembles spider’s web) and liquorice strings. For a healthier alternative, decorate strawberries with eyes to resemble a Spiderman face. Make sure there’s at least one type of candy or drink that will leave their tongues blue or red, and consider serving cooldrink in spray/spritzer bottles.

Fun & Games

Think all things rope, flying and web related! Set up an obstacle course, using rope to create a spider’s web for the boys to clamber through, have a tug-of-war or take them on a zip line adventure. Should you choose to divide them into teams, assign them to the sides of Spiderman, the Sandman, Mysterio and other comic characters.

Décor & Goodies

Use black insulation tape to create spider webs on the walls and hang big plastic creepies from the ceiling. Furthermore, draw inspiration from typical comicbook style illustrations, using plenty of flashes, “POW!” and “BANG!” signs. We also love the idea of a skyline backdrop where the boys can pose like Spiderman, chilling on the side of a small building or skyscraper. Make sure that every boy gets a yoyo to toss around like a piece of web and a Spidey mask or, better yet, paint their faces!

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