Salad Jars { The Smart Choice }

by Claire Minnaar

“Reuse” and “recycle” are two key words that pretty much define our modern day and age. Glass is one element that falls squarely into this category, as it’s one of the few materials that are actually safe to reuse without any negative impact on your health. One area where disposable plastics feature quite heavily in most of our lives is food preparation – so just imagine the difference you can make if you simply stop using disposables entirely?

Start small by packing your lunch in a reusable glass jar – simply follow these easy steps for a salad that stays fresh and delicious!

  • Instead of pre-mixing your salad at home, arrange the different components in layers.
  • Pour the dressing in first, and place the other ingredients on top – that way your dressing won’t turn everything soggy.
  • Use a solid ingredient (like tomato, peppers or celery) as your second layer, to keep the rest of the ingredients from coming into contact with the dressing.
  • Layer any “wetter” ingredients towards the bottom of the jar – another way to keep the rest of the salad ingredients from turning “meh”.
  • The very last layer you add to the jar should be your leafy greens and any seeds or nuts you choose to add.
  • Play around with different colours and textures to make it interesting and fun to eat – both with your taste buds and with your eyes.
  • Try to make your dressing at home, rather than using store-bought dressing that’s generally full of fats and sugars.

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