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by Claire Minnaar

Newsletters are a great way of communicating with your fans. Sending emails, however, can be tricky for companies who have large mailing lists. Typically, you can opt to do the following:

  • Send manually via your email client – one at a time or BCC a few at a time (VERY unreliable!)
  • Buy some software that you can run and send manually.
  • Not bother sending at all.
  • Go for a company that charges you per email sent.

Over the years, I have tried a number of systems (including trying all of the above). I’ve paid through my gat for my mailing systems and eventually I reached a point where I needed to find something that was reliable and offered GREAT features.

My reputation and my service are extremely important to me and when I can’t deliver a service I promised, I get highly annoyed. I am not perfect and I do make mistakes (as I have said before in previous blog posts), but not delivering something that I committed to really works on my tits (to put it mildly)! So, when my newsletter system let me down one too many times, I decided it was time to look elsewhere!

So, I eventually moved my wedding website over to MailChimp a few months ago and it’s great! It’s reliable, their support is good and they have some amazing features. PLUS, their rates are pretty good! You can read about all their features on their website and why THEY say they are good, but here are my thoughts:

  • They are funny (in a great way!) – they have little jokes and funny things they say on the site which will bring a little chuckle into your day.
  • Their security is good!
  • Their pricing is great!
  • Their support is excellent!
  • Importing and exporting – Easy and excellent!
  • You can easily setup a mailing list on your website with their little code snippets they provide.
  • They offer email templates to you which can save you a few bucks if you need to do a mailer quickly and can’t afford to get a designer to design one and then have it coded, etc.
  • They also offer some useful tips – mailing newsletters is an art form (in my opinion) and given they are in the business, they offer some useful tips and advice.
  • There rules are strict which is GOOD! Mailing has become a dangerous game and you can get into trouble if rules aren’t followed. Mailchimp will make sure you stick to rules.
  • Mobile friendly options!
  • REPORTING is awesome! Helps you track click throughs, who opened the mails, percentages, etc.
  • They have add on features and functionality for Facebook, Twitter and other applications on the web which I may cover one day, some day.
  • And more!

Sound good?

Well check it out for yourself. They do offer a FREE account if you have UNDER 2000 subscribers (see pricing for more info) which gives you an AWESOME start!

Check out MailChimp NOW

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