How to Take Charge of Your New Home Party Business

by Claire Minnaar

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You’ve started your new Home Party Business, now what?  

It feels like you have a whole dump struck of stuff in your lap that you need to study, check, learn, memorize and implement before your first party and you are also dealing with all your internal feelings of whether or not you did the right thing, right?

When it comes to starting a Home Party Business, it seems like it’s going to be easy, but then you find there’s so much more to it than you thought.  My favorite quote is “Running a Home Party Business is Simple, it’s Not Easy” –Power Coach Alishia

I always like to coach my clients to think of starting your home party business like you invested a million dollars to start it and then run it that way.  When you run your business like it was a million dollar investment, you will get fantastic results from your efforts.  Now, I am not saying that you have to work it around the clock like a crazy person or anything like that, I am just saying that whatever time you are investing needs to count.

Here’s 5 tips on how to ROCK your home party business without burning out and quitting:

  1. Schedule your business time: How many hours and what time are you going to set aside to work your business each week? When you are just starting out, your back end (office work) will take you about 4 hours per month doing one party per week. Then you want to add all your studying and learning to that time while you’re new. So let’s say on the really high side that you need 8 hours per month or 2 hours per week for your business. This is more than enough time to really build a solid business doing 1 party per week.
  2. Dedicated Focus: Focus on one thing at a time so that you don’t overwhelm yourself. At first, the only thing you want to be focusing on is booking parties because if you don’t have any parties, you don’t have a business. PLUS you want to make sure that you make your initial investment back quickly. If you would like to listen back to the replays of a couple booking parties calls I did here’s the link (NO COST)
  3. Ask for Help: This is a HUGE one for new consultants because they know they need help with a ton but they don’t want to bother their sponsor. When you are just getting started it’s imperative that you reach out for help whenever you need it and if you are feeling alone like you don’t have much support from your upline, I have tons of FREE training that I offer and I am happy to lead you to success 
  4. Get Connected: If you have a supportive team leader and this doesn’t just have to be the person who’s sponsored you, it could be there upline or their uplines upline, you definitely want to do whatever you possible can to get to the monthly meetings. The collaboration, team unity and friendships built are a great to add to your foundation and longevity of success.
  5. At Least a Year: At first you’re not gonna know whether you’re coming or going and you are going to feel like it’s a whirlwind all around you. I always recommend that new consultants stick with it for at least a year. At the year mark you will have your bearings and truly know whether or not it’s for you. Before that, there’s too much to learn, too much going on and you are still working to find your balance and place in your new business.

There you have it, my 5 key tips to rockin’ out your Home Party business as a beginner and I look forward to connecting with you and inspiring you to greatness. Which one of these tips is your favorite?

About Alishia Willardson

Alishia Willardson

Alishia Willardson is the CEO of Fun, Funny, Outrageous & Crazy Energy!!!! She has an infectious personality & is exciting to be around! She has a huge heart which fuels her passion for inspiring women to live life & perform at their Peak Personal Power!

Over the last 6 1/2 years Alishia has been empowering women through speaking, coaching & training. Her main focus is helping Direct Sells/Home Party Consultant Leaders & Spa Owners get Rapid Results with a purpose and develop Massive Action Plans for success.

She’s a unique “Power Coach” because she infuses her passion for helping people and ability to get to the bottom line quickly so that you start seeing results faster. Through her merging of personal & business coaching she has been able to turn businesses around, teach her clients to work as a team, re-ignite her clients passion for their dream & articulate in words what they really want to achieve with their business.

This is just the beginning of your experience of working with Power Coach Alishia. You will feel the energy and love that radiates from her passion to help people. You will be empowered, with a clear vision on all that you have the power to achieve and the tools to generate the success you are longing for.

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