Drop it in a Box!

by Claire Minnaar

If you are someone who has lost data due to a PC crash or a virus which has eaten your files alive, then this article may well be for you!

Whether you are in business or not, if you have a computer, you more than likely store files including documents, photos, accounts, etc on your computer – some of which you would HATE to lose.

This is where Dropbox would come in and potentially save you DATA, TIME and STRESS when that monster of a day arrives and your files vanish or can’t be accessed on your computer.

AND, it’s a FREE SERVICE (up until approximately 2GB)!

Dropbox Explained

The beauty of Dropbox is that it’s a very simple application that you can install on your computer.  You setup your own Dropbox account and run a small application which will sit in your system tray and when you need to backup a document or a special photo, you simply drag the file to the Dropbox icon, and voila! your files are saved and stored.

The best news is that it runs on various operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Other features include:

  • You can share your documents with others making it perfect for a team of people who perhaps don’t work in the same office and need to share documents. Or, perhaps for those who don’t have family nearby and your family would like access to some of your photos – you would simply share your Dropbox link for them to access it.
  • You can edit your files via your mobile phone.
  • Changes made can very easily be undone or undeleted.
  • You can manually set your bandwidth limits – this is especially useful if you don’t have an ADSL line and don’t want your entire internet connection to come to a grinding halt when you suddenly choose to backup a photo or two.

To download or find out more about Dropbox, visit their website for more information by clicking this link: https://www.dropbox.com/

I thought this would be an excellent service for Moms who do work from home and / or those that don’t necessarily have backups running every night as larger companies or corporate companies do.

Good luck and here’s to happier and less stressfree days, with our computers at least! 🙂

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