Top 20 Male Bloggers in South Africa

by Claire Minnaar

The Top 20 Female Bloggers in South Africa blog post was so well received, so I couldn’t resist putting one for the men together. It was quite fun doing it and with my friend and co-worker, Suz, we hunted them all you blokes down. It seems that 19/20 of the bloggers are, like me, Wordpress fans (Yippee!!) and it was a lot of fun to see the different profile pictures for the guys opposed to the women – so different, but I love it!

Once again, I have included the links to their websites, their Twitter profiles and included their Blog System under each of their profiles, so you can check each of them out as you run through the list.

Please Note:

  • These have not be done in ANY particular order.
  • Top bloggers listed below are based on various aspect in research me and my team has done – includes Twitter popularity, Social Media, general media coverage, aggregators, search engine rankings and general popularity.
Seth Rotherham
Work is a sideline, live the holiday.
Twitter: @2oceansvibe
Blog System: Wordpress
Christopher Mills
Director of @imoddigital, Enjoy fishing, technology and dancing.
Twitter: @imoddigital and @christopherm
Blog System: Wordpress
Adii Pienaar
Entrepreneur, Co-Founder @WooThemes. New Dad. Ex-Rockstar
Twitter: @adii
Blog System: Wordpress
Gavin Mannion
Lazygamer Owner of, father of 2, husband, creator of virtual beauty and lover of beer… Life is good.
Twitter: @lazygamers
Blog System: Wordpress
Henno Kruger
Blogger, Desktop Activist, Twitter / Facebook Addict, Music Festival Addict, Avid lover of South African music, Founder and owner of @rwrant
Twitter: @hennokruger
Blog System: Wordpress
Liron Segev
IT Consultant, Social Mobile Strategist, Business Believer, UX specialist and a Spade is a Spade kinda Blogger
Twitter: @Liron_Segev
Blog System: Wordpress
Dylan Savage
Founder and editor of Life is Savage
Twitter: @LifeisSavage
Blog System: Wordpress
Khaya Dlanga
Struggling womaniser. Author of In My Arrogant Opinion. Leader of People’s Army Against Typo Nazis. Twitter Male Modla. Never eats black Jelly Babies.
Twitter: @khayadlanga
Blog System: Wordpress
Mark Keohane
First and foremost Paps to Oliver and Julia. Your only limitation is yourself. My job, writing sport, is my passion, which makes me pretty blessed
Twitter: @mark_keohane
Blog System: Wordpress
Griffin Wkj
Polluting the South African interwebs since 1995.
Twitter: @watkykjy
Blog System: Wordpress
Rafiq Phillips
Marketing Technologist, dreamer
Twitter: @rafiq
Blog System: Wordpress
Mika Stefano
Social blogger. One of South Africa’s most flamboyant socialites.
Twitter: @MikaStefano
Blog System: Wordpress
Dan Nash
Smells like alcohol. Creator of SA’s favourite 2nd best blog. LUNCH MEETINGS OR NOTHING. Doesn’t listen to voicemail. Hasn’t read the mail. Helps brands online
Twitter: @bangersandnash
Blog System: Wordpress
Gerhard Potgieter
WordPress, Web Developer, Blogger, Technologist, Homebrewer and proud dad. Owner of and
Twitter: @diekloon
Blog System: Wordpress
Ruan Fourie
Blogger at and
Twitter: @gevaaalikdotcom
Blog System: Wordpress
Trevor Marshall
Microbiologist by day, (in)famous blogger by night; broadcasting live & direct from cape town, south africa. legend in my own lunchtime.
Twitter: @6000
Blog System: Wordpress
Ramon Thomas
African Motivational with an uncanny knack for spotting global trends and translating them into meaningful insights in South Africa
Twitter: @ramonthomas
Blog System: Wordpress
Christo de Beer
Music-loving opinionist. Slightly proud member of the human race. Loves to RT. Occasionally funny.
Twitter: @BaasDeBeer
Blog System: Wordpress
Charl Norman
An award winning consumer internet and digital media entrepreneur, http://www.zoopedup.com
Twitter: @CN
Blog System: Wordpress
Gareth Daniell
Trying hard to be a serious businessman. I braai… A LOT.
Twitter: @BraaiBoy
Blog System: BlogEngine.Net

If you think I’ve left someone out, or if you think someone else must be added here, please feel free to leave their name in the comment box below.

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Cecilia October 24, 2012 - 7:35 am

No 1 male blogger in SA: Matt Allison

Stix October 24, 2012 - 8:15 am

Wow. Dankie dat jy my by die groep ingesluit het.

O October 25, 2012 - 12:50 pm

Hey I think you forgot Jerri Mokgofe, he’s a fashion blogger, really cool guy who knows what’s to know about fashion. The address to his blog is


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