Keeping Baby Weight Off

by Claire Minnaar


A mom reveals her secret to keeping off the baby weight!

Monique Louw loves to exercise! It’s her way of life, that’s why when she fell pregnant she was very worried she wouldn’t be able to continue for fear of hurting her unborn child. She then began to research her options and consulted with her doctor. Once he gave her the green light to continue exercising and advised her on what was safe to do and what wasn’t she remained committed to her routine of attending Adventure Boot Camp five days a week.

Under the guidance of her very qualified personal trainer, she continued exercising up until 32 weeks. Her trainer, Miena, knew exactly what she was capable of doing having qualified as an Exercise Specialist, Sports Conditioning Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, Pilates Instructor and Spinning Instructor training older adults, pregnant ladies and children.

Monique says: “I used to go to gym quite often before camp and I thought that would be enough for my health and wellbeing, but I was so wrong. I felt much fitter and toned after my first camp than I ever did being a member of the gym. Training outdoors with like-minded women made me feel fresh and full of energy for the rest of the day.”

“Throughout my pregnancy I had tons of energy; I never felt tired and had no swollen ankles. I only gained 12kg throughout my pregnancy and still fitted into most of my clothes up until the end. ABC helped me to stay toned throughout my pregnancy which I personally think is the key to shaping up afterwards.”

On the 9th of April 2012 their beautiful baby boy was born, healthy and full of life. Six weeks after giving birth, Monique returned to Adventure Boot Camp. “As a new mom I quickly learnt you have very little time to yourself. Exercise is the one way I get to be alone and as much I love this time, I look forward to seeing my precious little baby boy once I’m done.

For more information on how you can join Adventure Boot Camp go to or call the national head office on 021 447 27 95.

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