Taj Cape Town Afternoon Tea & Jiva Spa Review

by Claire Minnaar

I have driven past the Taj Cape Town many times and have never actually had the opportunity or the need to go inside the hotel and experience what is has to offer. But, this week, that all changed when together with 2 of my friends and MomTalk colleagues, had the opportunity to experience the Taj Cape Town’s Jiva Spa and their Afternoon Tea. We had such a fantastic afternoon together and I do feel that this is a hidden gem that is perfect for a “girly afternoon” or “Mother’s Day outing”. And, if you are not from Cape Town and visiting the Cape Town CBD, add this to one of your stops for an afternoon treat!

Jiva Spa

The Spa makes you feel instantly relaxed the minute you walk in the door. We all enjoyed a 90-minute treatment called Autumn Bliss which included a massage, facial and manicure. The therapists were professional and friendly, and we were given 5 star treatment.

Afternoon Tea

The Afternoon Tea is like a High Tea, but it has a slightly different touch to it than the traditional High Tea. We were served some savoury dishes initially and then had the opportunity of giving the sweet items some much needed attention.

I am not a “fancy-food” eater and I eat very simple meals daily. And, WOW – the food was amazing. Not only was it all presented beautifully, the flavours of the food were out of this world.

The attention to detail and flavours of both the savoury and sweets were out of this world…literally.

The Hotel

I have been fortunate enough to go to a few hotels over the years for business or for the odd wedding anniversary and I have never experienced such friendly staff before. They are helpful as hotel staff should be, but all the people I chatted with or met were genuinely friendly and appeared to love their job. The friendliness for me was something that really stood out for me. An example, when we initially arrived, one of my colleagues was taking a photo of myself and Suzaan (my other colleague) and the one staff member, just popped on over and gave a big smile for the camera with us.


I don’t do reviews very often, but when I do a review, it’s most likely for a good reason and the Taj deserves an excellent review. I really cannot fault the hotel itself, the staff, the food or anything else for that matter.

I went with 2 of my work colleagues who also happen to be very close friends. We had such a wonderful afternoon together and it was us being together and spending time like this made me realise we all need to find time to have some time out with a special friend or 2 or family member(s).

If you are looking for something to do in Cape Town, add Afternoon Tea at the Taj Cape Town to your list and if you have time, schedule a treatment or two at the Spa – you won’t be disappointed.

I made some memories at the Taj – I hope you will too!

Full Disclosure

I have not been paid to review the Taj. I was invited to visit them as part of a Mothers’ Day promotion they are having. Everything I have mentioned above is 100% true and I have not been asked to say anything of the above.

Find out more

If you are interested in finding out more about the Taj, the Jiva Spa and the Bombay Brasserie, I have included their website and social media channels below. 

Taj Cape Town

Jiva Spa 

Bombay Brasserie

Special Thanks

  • To the Taj Cape Town team, especially Nadia – the marketing manager, from all of us at MomTalk, we thank you so much for your hospitality and the opportunity to visit and spend the day at your hotel.
  • Thank you to the team at SA Golfing and Safari Tours who assisted with arranging hotel accommodation at the Taj Cape Town so that we did not have to drive back to our homes late at night.
  • Thank you to Tammy from Wired Communications for making this all happen.
  • And, to Nicole and Suzaan – thank you for joining me and making the day a special day full of Tajness!

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