DANONE Re-launches New Recipe!

by Claire Minnaar


South Africa’s household favourite yoghurt, NutriDay, has undergone a full transformation both inside and out. With its tastiest recipe ever and its breakthrough pack sizes, NutriDay is driving a SMART SNACK EVOLUTION!

NutriDay the pleasure of a smart and tasty snack!

Between work, school, gym, homework and other activities, kids and adults alike need to rely on an easy and nutritious solution to support their active lifestyles. The advertising and widespread availability of cheap but tasty snacks and convenience foods all contribute to making a healthy, balanced diet more difficult to reach. With an offering of 27 flavours across the NutriDay Smooth and Fruit range, NutriDay makes for the perfect smart snack solution. NutriDay does not only bring you the benefits of yoghurt but also the pleasure of enjoying a creamy and delicious snack, any time of the day!

The benefits of yoghurt

Yoghurt is made from a combination of milk and live cultures that makes this product unique. In addition to calcium and protein, NutriDay yoghurt is a source of Vitamins A, B, D & E, essential nutrients needed by your body every day. The South African Department of Health recognises dairy products as being an essential part of a balanced diet and recommends as part of the Food Based Dietary Guidelines that milk, maas or yoghurt should be eaten every day.

“As the leader in the yoghurt category in South Africa, our role is to encourage all South Africans, both kids and adults, to include the goodness of yoghurt in their daily diet by offering them an affordable delicious snack rich in nutrients” says Thomas Morf, Marketing Director of Danone Southern Africa.

Danone, committed to health!

With its mission “to bring health through food to as many people as possible”, Danone, the yoghurt leader worldwide, brings 95 years of expertise to each of its products. NutriDay is making use of this experience to launch its tastiest recipe ever and add breakthrough cup sizes to delight the whole family. NutriDay yoghurt is the perfect smart snack to include in your daily balanced diet.

From October 2015, NutriDay is offering a new recipe and 3 new pack sizes: 150g, 270g & 600g. NutriDay, a smart snack every day!

More about Yoghurt benefit: www.danone.co.za

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