Ashleigh Alves – Bosch Bambino Interiors

by Claire Minnaar

Tell us a bit about YOU and your family (where you are based, single / married, number of kids, etc)

My name is Ashleigh Alves, I have been married for 5 years to my wonderful husband and have 2 little precious girls (Isabella 4 years, and Daniella 4 months) who are my everything, and we live in Plantations, Hillcrest, KZN.

What is the name of your company and when did you start your business?

Bosch Bambino Interiors, a subsidiary of Bosch Interiors is very new.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Many things inspired me to start my own business, mostly my children and their needs, as well as my own, I started studying Interior Design 5 years ago, but what inspired me to start focusing on Nurseries and kids rooms was the challenges I faced planning my own nurseries and then for Isabella changing it to her “big girl room”…. We understand that Mom’s sometimes only need a little help, and sometimes they need a lot, so we do anything small from advising on colours or furniture sourcing to full Project Management.

What are the challenges you face or have faced being a working Mom and how have you overcome them?

Working from home can be very challenging (especially in the beginning working 2 jobs to pay the bills until your own business takes off the ground) with my precious children demanding my attention when I am trying to focus, and being able to switch off and focus on them when I need to, what I do is my passion so I find it hard to switch off even at 2 in the morning when I find myself working on the computer or desk and I see the time.

Having to arrange babysitters to look after the children to go to meetings…

What is the hardest part or have been some of your struggles starting your own business?

Getting people to take you seriously when you are starting out, when you don’t have much to show in the way of a “portfolio” and getting them to see that you are good at what you do.

Finance finance finance…. While some businesses may not take much to start up, there are still bills to pay, hence having to still work to pay the bills until the new business does…

How do you balance your business and your family?


Not having a full time nanny / au pair I have to learn to multitask during “work time” (and take advantage of their sleep time) but make “family time” family only in order to give them some time of my full undivided attention and sometimes working at night or through the night to have enough quality time with the kids when they are at their most receptive… or when it matters most to them – which is normally during regular working hours…

What or whom has been the greatest support for you and your business?

My best friend and business partner. We help each other on bad days to keep the chin up and get the motivation back up, we bounce ideas off each other and help and advise the whole way through the working process.

If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?

Um… being in a different financial position to start out (who knows how that happens), other than that I would change nothing, my life right now is exactly how I want it, I am very happy.

What advice can you give other Moms out there who are starting a new business?

  • Perseverance, Persistence, don’t let anyone or any situation get you down.
  • If at first you don’t succeed try and try again…
  • Don’t get in over your head, start small and give it your all. You don’t want added pressure from the bank especially when you have little angels to look after.
  • Learn to multitask

If other Moms would like to keep in touch, how can they contact you?

Email: ashleigh (at)
Cell: +27 (0)79 493 8607

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