Wingu Academy

by Claire Minnaar

General Info

Curriculum: Cambridge
Certifications: We are an online platform that supports homeschooling to prepare students for the Cambridge examinations. No online school/platform is permitted to register with Cambridge directly, but we work in collaboration with registered Cambridge School (Silver Oaks International, Pretoria) that is registered with the Department of Basic Education and Cambridge Assessments International Examinations. All of our tutors and facilitators and online interactive content is completely Cambridge aligned. Many Cottage Schools and private schools use us as online curriculum providers to support their service offerings.
Live Interactive Classes: Yes
Class Languages: English only

Why choose Wingu Academy

We have daily online classes, online content and a team of specialists that assist students and parents to tackle the Cambridge curriculum. We are the only affordable Cambridge option with such high quality delivery, and we provide much more interactive, social and academic support than the typical service provider. Our platform is strengthened with our collaboration the University of Pretoria’s high tech business incubator, TuksNovation. Our educational approach is constantly improved in collaboration with researchers at the University of Witwatersrand School of Education. We have a complete 4th industrial revolution approach, not just in the subjects that we offer (such as computer science that includes coding) but in how the students interact with their coaches, tutors and facilitators, each other and with the platform itself.

Grades Available

5+ years old
IGCSE and AS-Level


R2100 – R2300 per month

Subjects Available

  • English First Language
  • Afrikaans Second Language
  • Maths
  • Physical Science
  • Biology
  • Geography
  • History
  • Business Studies
  • Computer Science
  • Accounting
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Contact Info

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