V is for Valentine’s Day!

by Claire Minnaar


When it comes to the annual day of love, it’s not just teenagers and couples that get excited, but the little ones too – after all, what’s not to love about love and all that goes with it? For these youngsters, Valentine’s Day is all about spoiling teachers, parents and friends with a little something from the heart – so let’s look at a couple DIY ideas that you can attempt with your squad of Cupids:

  • Help them make friendship bracelets with or for their best friends using pasta shells or store-bought beads.
  • Slide a lips or moustache cardboard cut-out over a lollipop stick for a little lunchbox fun.
  • Make cootie catchers! These little beak shaped paper creations are the ideal way to instil some Valentines’ fun into the school day.
  • Hearts are a must, so bake heart-shaped cookies with the kiddos or hearty paper bunting to decorate the house with.
  • Have them decorate pink pens or pencils with a paper heart and a catchy “you’re all write” card for Miss Teacher, or do the same with a ruler and finish it off with a “you rule” note.
  • Make Cupid arrows by decorating straws with paper arrow heads and feathers, and use rubber bands to make ‘em fly!
  • Create a Valentine’s Day checkers board, using pink and red candies as playing chips which can be eaten as they’re claimed throughout the game.
  • Older kids can attempt to make felt hearts key chains – simply sew two hearts together with a blanket-stitch and stuff

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