The Dog ATE my Homework

by neatfreak

I can now safely say that I am the victor of a 10-day stint of technological warfare. First my wireless printer decided to go quietly into the night (literally deciding one night that when I woke up it wasn’t going to), then it was the turn of my Blackberry, who was getting too hot to handle. Again, I do mean that literally as the toggle was heating up, so that had to be sent in to the BB doctor.

For most that would be enough to throw you over the edge, and believe me, it almost did (because once you go BB, you simply can’t go backwards). But alas, for me, the techno-failure saga extended itself to my Mac and ADSL too.

Now granted, the Mac’s decline was because my adorable puppy thought the cord looked delicious enough to bite, but seriously, what were the techno Gods trying to tell me? Perhaps it was that the workaholic needed to take some time out? Mmmm, whatever the reason, my excuses to clients were starting to sound similar to ‘my-dog-ate-my-homework’. But actually, it kind of did!

Moral of the story (because there really should be one to make this insanity worth it), is that sometimes things happen that are completely out of your control. You can’t do anything about it so you have to calmly find alternatives and try to laugh at your situation. Thankfully my hubbie is a techno king so he did what he needed to get the 3G working on the iPad, I had to downgrade to my son’s Nokia (remember when a phone was just that) and the Mac, well, it’s holding on for dear life.

So, don’t sweat the small stuff today and just in case your dog decides to eat your homework too, best you get organised and backup your info either to an external hard drive or perhaps consider Drop Box.

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1 comment

Colleen Lewis July 8, 2012 - 7:03 am

The hazard of having dogs and working from home is that they like to hang around underfoot all day (worse than the kids) and inevitably they will chew the computer cables in your office. Mine also decide it’s walk time just as a most important client calls. How can you pretend to be in charge of a professional company when there’s a cacophony of yapping dogs in the background?


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