Let’s Noodle Around!

by Claire Minnaar


Noodles aren’t just meant for dinnertime! Available in a number of fun and mesmerising shapes, this starch is definitely calling out to be funned up with an extra dash of creativity. Here are a couple of ideas that you can attempt  this holiday season:

  • Make noodle necklaces and bracelets with the kiddos and use craft paint and glitter to decorate it.
  • Turn soft gooey 2-minute noodles into a sweet treat with cinnamon sugar, warm milk and a dash of condensed milk.
  • Layer pasta of a multitude of different shapes and colours in a stunning glass jar, as a beautiful gift for a culinary enthusiast.
  • Make Christmas tree angel decorations, with penne as the angel’s body and a bow-tie noodle as the wings, and coat it with gold spray paint and glitter. What’s more, you and the kids can even decorate gift boxes with interesting bits of raw noodle to add that dash of fun!
  • Raw spaghetti holds a flame just beautifully, so use dry strands to light up hard to reach candles.
  • Poke raw spaghetti through sliced sausages and pop it in boiling water to cook – the kiddies will love the spaghetti “worms” crawling out of the meaty bites.
  • Buy a variety of interestingly shaped noodles – from wagon wheels to bowties – and have a crafts day with the kids, building mini trains, flowers, farm animals and so forth with wire and glue.
  • When making a pasta dinner, add a dash of food colouring to pump up the mealtime fun.
  • Make your very own board games with the kids, using a variety of painted noodle shapes for the pieces.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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