A Display of Creativity: Kids Artwork

by Claire Minnaar


Every child has the need for affirmation, even in the simplest everyday things. So when it comes to those seemingly simple artworks, the best thing we as mothers can do is to put it out for display so the whole world can revel in the talents of our children. Here are a couple of simple DIY ways in which to mount your little one’s interpretation of Picasso:

  • Attach clipboards to the wall onto which you can clip pieces of art with the benefit of swapping it on a weekly basis.
  • Pin the art work to foamalite pinup boards or attach a large piece of beautifully painted pressboard to the wall.
  • Attach long pieces of metal wiring or string to the wall and clip on the masterpieces using mini bulldog clips or clothes pegs.
  • Paint a wall with magnetic paint and use fun and colourful magnets to pop the works onto the wall.
  • Look at investing in clip-frames – that’s to say, large photo frames of which the sides clip open to allow for new art work to be placed inside. These frames are generally available at craft and hardware stores.
  • These days printing shops have the most amazing tools and technology at their disposal, allowing you to transfer prints onto anything from fabric to even glass and metal. You can therefore consider turning your kiddies’ art work into quilts or have it permanently engraved onto a sheet of metal.
  • Have their best pieces enlarged and printed onto a canvas or even professionally framed for the bedroom wall.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest

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1 comment

Heather May 24, 2014 - 8:57 am

This is a really good idea! I remember being a teacher sending all the art home and wondering what would happen to it, so at least now I have my own kid when the time comes these are some cool ideas to display it. I like the clothes peg and clip board idea.


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