Ins and Outs of Website Terminology

by Claire Minnaar

The World Wide Web can be a scary place. As some of you may already know from reading the About page, I have been involved in web development for about 8 years now. My main skills lie in PHP and database development, but also have experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, Delphi, ASP and SEO.

Did some of the above make you go “HUH?” Well then, perhaps this article is for you!

When dealing with clients, I can see how their expressions change when discussing various options for them for new websites. In addition, I also get to hear how clients have been misinformed or misled due to lack of understanding. So, I have taken what I know as being the basic, but important aspects relating to websites and put a list of terms used and what they REALLY mean to help you to understand what people are telling you AND how not to be what is commonly referred to as “screwed over”.

I may very well leave certain terms out. This may be due to the fact that I haven’t dealt with a particular term directly, do not know much about it or have just plain forgotten to include it!

If there’s anything you feel should be added, please contact me and I will add it.

In order to make this article less long and “scary”, I have divided it into sections to help you to break it down. All sections that I feel are the most important to those using the web to market their products / services will be marked with a “(*)”.

Please keep in mind that I would never finish this article if I included EVERYTHING, but I hope that this will help some of you to understand the basics and be able to be a little more web-savvy if you needed it!

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